How To Make Money With An Essential Oils Business

The Young Living Company was started in 1989 by Gary Young in Spokane, Washington, on a small piece of land measuring quarter acre. Make & Takes are a fun way to introduce friends to essential oils and send them home with a gift. You are on this blog because you are thinking about joining Young Living because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products. If you sign up on our team we will welcome you with open arms, do a happy dance, support you every step of the way and immediately help you get started- whether it's using the oils, or also pursuing the business opportunity.

Whether you want a graphical or simple design, our customization options give you all the flexibility you need to design the perfect Young Living business card template With our simple and intuitive online design tool, it's never been easier to customize a Network Marketing business cards until now.

400+ page educational resource guide on essential oils so you know how to use your oils. Plus, you'll need that kit to share the oils with others. There is absolutely no requirement” to buy monthly product from YL as a member. Dr. Perkus is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and sought-after speaker and trainer who inspires people all over the world to make life changes using essential oils and positive psychological processes.

The Classroom in a Box is a digital file folder of everything you need to start sharing your love of oils fast. Any salesperson will tell you that the best way to make money, is with good products. In regarding to stores certainly 24% profit is not very interesting for them to offer YL products like PowerMeal for example, but if I get a prescription commitment from physicians, they (The stores and pharmacies) mat want to sell it).

My husband suffers with asthma, and the combination of Young Living essential oils, high vitamin cod liver oil, fairly high doses of vitamin C during allergy season, and plenty of raw milk which studies have shown has a protective affect against asthma, have worked to keep him off his inhaler for two years now.

Young Living's mission is to get oils into every home in the world and support a community of people achieve better health and wellness through these incredible products. From a business perspective, it's also interesting to note that the company has a very solid management team in place and Young Living has some very interesting partnerships with some very reputable entities including The Beth Israel Medical Center.

However, since there are other high-quality oils available, I prefer to support and shop through a company with better overall practices in addition to high-quality oils. There are also lots of distributors who are able to cover the cost of their family's oils, simply by telling others about Young Living and getting paid for their referrals.

You see, I'm the type of person that never wanted to get involved with network marketing because I didn't want my friends to run in the other direction when they saw me. Somehow, referring Young Living to others happened naturally, and I never felt like I was selling anything, because I was simply sharing the truth with others.

Note: I have dear friends who sell Young Living oils. Start Living Bonus - Earn a one-time $25 cash bonus when your personally enrolled distributors order the Premium Starter Kit. When you pledge $10 or more you'll receive a pdf of over 25 recipes for how to use essential oils around the house for cleaning, calming, and personal care.

Long and short of it is, I will have to cancel my membership” (which indeed is a distributorship) from YL oils, mainly because I would be putting myself in legal jeopardy were I to in any way promote Home business any other essential oil. Young Living seems to be a legitimate product based MLM that sells tangible products people actually want to buy and use.

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